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Bone Support + Joint Support - Healthwell
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Bone Support + Joint Support

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The package contains

Bone Support, 120 caps.
Joint Support, 60 caps.

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35,90 €
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  • Nutritional content
Nutritional content
Product description

Complete package for joints and bones

Healthwell Bone Support and Healthwell Joint Support are two carefully designed complexes that promote a strong and mobile body in different ways. Both complexes are high-dose and are aimed at those who want to maintain a strong skeleton and mobile joints throughout life. Joint Support promotes good joint health while Bone Support nourishes the bone structure. The complexes complement each other well and should be taken together for best effect. In this package you get them together for an extra favorable price!

  • For good joint health and strong bones
  • High dose carefully formulated supplements
  • Taken together for best effect
  • At an extra favorable price

What does Healthwell Joint Support contain?

Healthwell Joint Support consists of carefully selected substances and herbs for good joint health. The supplement contains, among other things, collagen, which contributes to the formation of all connective tissue structures, such as joints, ligaments and cartilage. To further promote collagen formation, Vitamin C is also added. In the supplement, you will also find extracts of curcumin from turmeric, a popular ingredient in anti-inflammatory diets, as well as green tea extract, which is rich in polyphenols and EGCG. Read more about Healthwell Joint Support.

What does Healthwell Bone Support contain?

Healthwell Bone Support is a well-formulated dietary supplement with minerals that promote a strong bone structure. The supplement contains calcium, magnesium and boron, all of which are naturally found in bones. In addition, it contains the sulfur compound MSM which is an important component of collagen, a substance that helps build bones, connective tissue, cartilage and more. Vitamin D, vitamin C and vitamin K are added for the absorption and regulation of calcium. Read more about Healthwell Bone Support.

Combine with each other

Healthwell Joint Support and Healthwell Bone Support can be advantageously combined with each other as these complement each other well. For best effect, these should therefore be taken together. In this package, you get both add-ons at an extra special price.