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Best tips for increased mobility

Take advantage of our best tips on mobility. Take care of your body through simple exercises and our tips on mobility.

  • Why is mobility important?
  • What is important to think about in relation to mobility?
  • Diet and mobility
  • 4 simple mobility exercises

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Why is mobility important?

Research shows that we become stiffer with age. As we age or are affected by inactivity, it is important to pick up mobility training to give connective tissue a smoother and more efficient muscle contraction. Mobility can seem like a broad concept, and although many want to achieve increased mobility in the body, it is difficult to know exactly how to become more mobile. Regular mobility exercises soften the connective tissue and, in simple terms, contribute to simplified patterns of movement without pain. Scheduling mobility training, such as yoga, not only increases flexibility but also increases performance. Further positive effects are calmer breathing, as the body's movement is regulated by blood pressure, you breathe more with the body, and if you mentally focus on balanced breathing, you oxygenate your muscles. Everything belongs together, and through your new mobility exercises you will achieve better focus, calmer breathing and a more supple body.

What is important to think about in relation to mobility?

Our bodies go through a lot during a day. Going back and forth at work, sitting in front of the computer, exercising or heavy lifting work. When the evening comes, you may feel stiff and weak and feel the need to stretch your body. Yoga training gives you strength, balance and mobility. Yoga exercises give the body time to soften, relax and stretch, which is important for the body's mobility. Our bodies need good mobility. The neck, shoulders, back and pelvis move during the day in several different ways, which is why mobility is so important. Our joints are soft and clearly anchored between the skeleton and muscles. However, it can be difficult to know exactly how to achieve better mobility through simple stretches and yoga exercises. Listen to your body and take advantage of mobility training!

Diet and mobility

Diet is always an important component in order for the body to function fully. Some may point out we don’t consume as much energy during mobility training as in fitness or strength training. While this statement may be partially true, the body is active and moving during mobility training. Without the important component of the diet, the body cannot reach its full potential in terms of achieving a sense of well-being. There are also specific health foods that help increase mobility in the joints. For example, collagen, turmeric and magnesium.

4 simple mobility exercises


Go down on all fours. Place your knees just below your hips and your hands under your shoulders. Exhale and tense the abdominal muscles in order to contract and round the spine so that the head and tailbone come closer together. Inhale and push the chest and tailbone away from each other and sway your back.

Thread the needle

Go down on all fours. Stretch your right hand and let your gaze follow. Rotate through the back. Thread the right arm under the body until the right shoulder is touching the floor. Repeat this 3-6 times before ending on your shoulder and taking a few extra breaths with your shoulder on the floor.

Tailor pose

Sit in the tailor pose and focus on your breathing.

Back rotation

Start from the supine position and position the feet at knee height and then turn the legs to the side so that there is a gentle rotation in the back. If necessary, intensify by placing the hand on the opposite side on the outside of the thigh/knee and gently pressing down on the floor to increase the rotation. If you feel very stiff or are finding it difficult to relax, you can place a pillow under your knees to reduce the distance to the floor. Lie on each side for 3-5 minutes. Think about your breathing!

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