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Cookie Policy

At Healthwell, we use cookies to customise the shopping experience and collect anonymous statistics. Cookies (web cookies) consist of small text files stored in your browser. Some cookies are stored only during the session while others are stored for a longer period of time. The following information briefly describes what cookies we store and what we use them for. You can find more information on personal data processing in our Privacy Policy.

Functional Cookies

These cookies are required for basic website functions. They enable you to use the shopping cart and go to checkout. They also remember if you're logged in, what pages of the site you've visited, and what filters you've selected, so that you don’t have to enter the same information several times during the same visit.

These cookies are only stored during the session and are automatically cleared when you close the browser.

Preference Cookies

Preference cookies save information on whether or not you have accepted cookies, so that you don’t have to answer that question at every visit.

Statistics Cookies

These cookies are used to collect anonymised statistics on website usage. The statistics are sent to Google Analytics and we use it to develop the website and improve user friendliness for you as a customer. The statistics are anonymous and not linked to your personal data, and we do not share it with any third party.

Third Party Cookies

Third party cookies mean that we send anonymised information about your purchase only to our selected partner: Google. We use these third party cookies to confirm the security of your purchase and your activity on our website. This enables us to better handle and counteract illegal activities, such as fraud, as well as to collect anonymous statistics about visits and purchases. The information sent is anonymous and can never identify you as a person, neither by our partners nor by someone else.

Block and delete cookies

Most browsers can be set up to allow the user to block cookies and delete already stored cookies. Go to your browser settings to handle this. However, it may lead to inferior functionality of the website.

Guide to deleting cookies on each browser