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Collagen Powder Bovine 2.0 - Healthwell
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Collagen Powder Bovine 2.0

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Collagen powder with bovine origin.

- Patented collagen Peptan®
- For joints, skin and cartilage
- No aftertaste
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12,90 €
Collagen Plus
90 caps.
Collagen Plus
18,90 €
4.67 / 5
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  • Product description
  • Nutritional content
Nutritional content
Product description

Hydrolyzed collagen from Peptan®

Healthwell Collagen Powder Bovine 2.0 is an easily absorbable, hydrolyzed powder of the patented collagen Peptan®, with bovine origin that you can take daily. The powder contains collagen peptides that are extra bioavailable, which means that they are quickly taken up in the body and transported to places where they are active, for example in skin, ligaments, joints and cartilage. Collagen in powder form is a perfect alternative for those who want to avoid capsules, and in Healthwell Collagen Powder Bovint 2.0 there are no additives whatsoever - only collagen in its purest form.

  • Collagen from Peptan®
  • Flexible powder format
  • Molecular weight 2000 daltons
  • For joints, skin and cartilage
  • Very high bioavailability

Healthwell Collagen Powder Bovint 2.0 contains collagen peptides type I, the most common type of collagen in the human body. Collagen is produced naturally by the body, but this production declines more and more after the age of 30. A supplement of collagen may therefore be relevant to support the effect of collagen on both the inside and the outside.

What are collagen peptides?

Healthwell Collagen Powder Bovint 2.0 contains the protein collagen in the form of peptides. Collagen is already found naturally in the body where it accounts for about 30% of all protein and works to hold together, for example, ligaments, joints and skin. It simply acts as a kind of glue that holds us together. Collagen peptides are the small constituents that collagen is broken down into to become more accessible for the body to absorb. The collagen is then counted as hydrolyzed. By drinking or eating collagen peptides, you thus supply collagen in a way that the body can easily assimilate. In this way, you can also help the body prevent the problems that can result from reduced collagen production, such as discomfort in the joints and reduced elasticity in the skin.

Dosage of Healthwell Collagen Powder Bovint 2.0

Healthwell Collagen Powder Bovint 2.0 is natural and tasteless. The collagen itself does not have a particularly good taste and can sometimes have a certain aftertaste. Just Healthwell Collagen Powder Bovint 2.0 has no clear aftertaste and is therefore excellent for mixing in smoothies or other drinks, for example. Mix two scoops in a drink of your choice and drink daily on an empty stomach before meals.

The collagen in this powder is of bovine origin, but we also have our Healthwell Collagen Powder which is of marine origin. If you don't want to have to drink liquid collagen, an alternative is to take collagen capsules instead, such as Healthwell Collagen Plus.



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Collagen Plus
90 caps.
Collagen Plus
18,90 €
4.67 / 5
Betyg: 4.67 / 5