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Here Is Why Lactic Acid Bacteria Are Good for You

A large part of our immune system is found in the natural bacterial flora of our intestines, which helps protect us from harmful bacteria. Sometimes our stomach becomes unbalanced, and an extra boost of lactic acid bacteria can help the stomach find its balance again.

  • What are lactic acid bacteria?
  • How can you get lactic acid bacteria into your body?

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What are lactic acid bacteria?

As much as 90% of the cells of the immune system are in the intestine, and the bacteria help the stomach to react in a normal way to various foods instead of overreacting and making you sick. The intestinal flora normally contains billions of good bacteria from several hundred different bacterial strains. Their benefit to us is that they form an acid-resistant protector along the mucous membrane, counteracting harmful bacteria that cause sickness.

When the intestinal flora is disturbed for various reasons, we suffer from stomach problems. This in turn can lead to a weakened immune system, so that we risk becoming ill. By adding new lactic acid bacteria to the intestines, we can help rebuild the flora and defenses.

How can you get lactic acid bacteria into your body?

In the past, it was easier to get lactic acid bacteria through the diet, because we acidified different foods to improve their shelf life. Today's cooling possibilities, of course, counteract the harmful bacteria, but have also made it more difficult for us to get the good bacteria. Mainly acidic foods, such as sour milk and acidic vegetables, contain lactic acid bacteria, as well as foods fortified with probiotics.

Foods with a living bacterial culture are called probiotics, which is a collective name for good bacteria with a proven effect. In addition, there are also prebiotics, which act as food for the good bacteria. Examples of prebiotics are soluble and gel-forming fibers, such as beta-glucans in oats and chia seeds. Foods with synbiotics contain both pro- and prebiotics together for the best effect. A good tip is therefore to eat prebiotic foods while eating probiotics, to promote the growth of bacteria in the gut.

Dietary supplements with lactic acid bacteria usually contain billions of bacteria from the most common strains. If you often have stomach problems, or temporarily have an imbalance in the intestines due to illness or other causes, probiotics can help the stomach to regain balance more easily.

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