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Neem Oil for Plants

Neem oil not only fights pests on your plants, it also gives shine to the leaves so that your plants look healthy.

Plant spray with neem oil.

The fact that our potted plants and vegetables sometimes suffer from pests is more a rule than an exception. But there is a simple trick that will help you fight aphids, spider mites and thrips. By spraying your affected plants with neem oil, you can get rid them of the insects in a simple and environmentally friendly way. The oil contains the active substance azadirachtin, a substance which, among other things, disrupts the vermin's ability to reproduce properly. If you also take the opportunity to spray all newly purchased plants directly, you can prevent outbreaks of vermin.

You need:

Proceed as follows:

Mix neem oil and soap with lukewarm/warm water so the mixture dissolves better. Then spray the leaves on your plants to reduce the risk of pests. The soap is needed for the neem oil to dissolve in the water as the neem oil is not water-soluble. If the oil solidifies at room temperature, you can rinse the bottle under warm water before using it.

Facts: Neem oil is not toxic to humans, pets or the environment but ensures that pests cannot reproduce.

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