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Smoothie with collagen and vitamin C

Boost joints, skin and hair with beneficial collagen while supporting the immune system with vitamin C. This smoothie has everything you need for a healthy start to the day!

Smoothie with collagen, orange juice, chamomile tea served with straws.

Ingredients for 1 large glass
• 1 small banana
• 1 scoop Healthwell Collagen Powder
• 200 ml freshly squeezed orange juice
• 150 ml cooled chamomile tea
• Ice

Proceed as follows:

Bring the water for the tea to a boil and allow it to cool slightly (otherwise the high temperatures will destroy the beneficial properties of the chamomile flower).

Add the tea and let it soak until the water has reached room temperature.

Mix banana, orange juice and tea in a blender. Add the collagen powder and ice and mix again.

Pour into glasses and serve.

Tip! Would you like to give your joints additional care and attention? Add 1 daily dose of Healthwell MSM Powder! You can also replace the collagen powder with bovine collagen if you do not wish to use fish collagen.

Why do we need collagen?

The endogenous substance collagen has many functions in the body, including ensuring that our joints remain supple and stable. Collagen production is constantly taking place in the body, but the older we get, the more it decreases and increasingly needs to be added via the diet. To ensure the best possible uptake of collagen as possible, it has proven beneficial to combine it with vitamin C. In this recipe, we have combined freshly squeezed orange juice that is very rich in vitamin C with our own collagen powder of marine origin, which is also fortified with vitamin C. In addition, it contains chamomile - one of the oldest medicinal plants which is very rich in various essential substances.

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