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Make Your Own Fabric Softener

Fabric softener can ruin clothes and is bad for the environment too. In fact, many textiles do not feel nice at all after being washed with fabric softener. By making your own fabric softener, you can still make your laundry smell good and feel soft.

  • Fabric softener recipe
  • The benefits of homemade fabric softener

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Fabric softener recipe:

Proceed as follows:

Mix the vinegar with water and store in a glass bottle. To give the fabric softener a good scent, you can add a few drops of essential oil. For example, choose between rosemary oil, lavender oil or eucalyptus oil.

Fabric softener made of Pure Lavender Oil and Pure Rosemary Oil.

Tip! Vinegar in the fabric softener helps keep both clothes and the washing machine clean. By adding a few drops of essential oils, you can get a good scent on your clothes and an added bonus is that they have antibacterial properties.

The Benefits of Homemade Fabric Softener

There are plenty of benefits to homemade fabric softener In addition to being gentle on the environment, it also works as a descaler in the washing machine. A DIY fabric softener also helps keep dyes intact and removes stains such as sweat stains on white clothes.

Many of the fabric softeners you can buy in stores contain chemicals that break down the elasticity of the clothes as well as phthalates, which are a hormone-disrupting substance. Sports clothes, for example, lose their sweat-wicking ability and towels lose both their elasticity and absorbency when they are washed with fabric softener. Even textiles made of stretch fabric feel better without fabric softener, as they otherwise lose their elasticity.

As fabric softeners often contain perfume as well, they are bad for allergy sufferers and children. These harmful substances then exit into our water supply and are difficult for nature to break down. By making your own fabric softener, you can be sure that the environment, your skin and your clothes feel good!

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