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Make Your Own Face Serum

This face serum with raspberry seed oil is perfect to use before applying your face cream. It had both a moisturizing and cell-renewing effect. It's also ridiculously easy to do!

Facial serum with raspberry seed oil

Proceed as follows:

  1. Measure the ingredients using any kitchen measure (preferably with a tablespoon or teaspoon).
  2. Measure out the oils in a bowl.
  3. Mix the oils.
  4. Pour into a bottle with a pipette.

Drop 3 drops onto the face. Use the serum before applying your face cream.

About the ingredients:

Jojoba oil: This oil balances your skin's sebum production and has moisturizing properties.

Raspberry seed oil: Adds omega-3 which has a cell-renewing effect, and omega-6 which counteracts dry skin. Works well on mature skin.

Liquid Vitamin E: Because vitamin E has antioxidant properties, it prevents fatty acids and oils from oxidizing. Therefore, the vitamin works well in skin care products that have oil as a base.


Raspberry Oil
Liquid Vitamin E
Jojoba Oil

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