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Make Your Own Flavoured Oil

Essential oils can be used to spice up and flavour your baking and cooking, as they are highly concentrated. Make your own flavoured oil that you can flavour as you like. Goes perfectly with food!

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Ingredients for flavoured oil

50 ml of vegetable oil, for example olive oil

20 drops of essential oil, for example rosemary oil

Proceed as follows

Mix the ingredients in a bottle or jar and stir. Use in salads or in other cold dishes. Enjoy!

Packaging with essential oil and fresh spices all around.

Oregano and rosemary are perfect as a seasoning in oil.

Essential oil in cooking

You can use essential oil in cooking that has GRAS status, which means that an essential oil can be used as a seasoning in cooking. Essential oil suitable for ice cream, desserts, butter, honey and so on. Seasoning food with essential oil works great, but it’s important to think about dosing correctly, otherwise the taste can easily take over. If you add too much essential oil to the food, it can easily become inedible. The easiest way to flavour and season food with essential oil is to mix it in a beaker so it is diluted and does not become as strong. You can use honey, vegetable oil, salt or dairy products to dilute.

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