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Organic Spirulina Capsules - Healthwell
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Organic Spirulina Capsules

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Replenish with nutrition, quickly and easily.

- Nutrient-dense alga supplement
- Chlorophyll and omega-3
- Vegetable capsules
200 caps.
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15,90 €
Chlorella Capsules ECO
200 caps.
Chlorella Capsules ECO
21,90 €
Betyg: 4.77 / 5
  • Product description
  • Nutritional content
Nutritional content
Product description

Spirulina - nutritious super algae

Healthwell Spirulina Capsules ECO is an organic supplement with the blue-green algae spirulina, which is one of our most chlorophyll-rich foods. Chlorophyll is what colours the plant green and is very nutritious. In addition to the fact that the spirulina also consists of over 60% protein with all the essential amino acids, it also contains several important vitamins and minerals. Among other things, it has a high content of iron which contributes to reduced fatigue, vitamins C and E which have an antioxidant effect on the body and chromium which helps to regulate blood sugar levels. The spirulina also has remarkably high levels of the beneficial omega fatty acids that work for the normal functioning of the heart and brain.

  • Antioxidants and chlorophyll
  • Omega fatty acids
  • Vegetable supplement in a practical capsule form
  • Organically certified

Organic spirulina in capsules.Healthwell Spirulina Capsules with organic and nutritious spirulina.

Plant-based supplement in practical capsules

Spirulina from Healthwell is completely plant-based, which makes it perfect for vegetarians who can sometimes have difficulty getting enough omega fatty acids, iron and B vitamins. The capsules are full of nutrients in a practical compressed form. They are easily swallowed with water and ensure a daily intake of several nutrients. Spirulina's cell walls are also thin and easily digested, which means that the nutrients can be easily absorbed by the body.

Here’s why spirulina is so useful

The blue-green algae spirulina is home to over 100 different nutrients. It consists of 60% protein and is one of the few plant-based protein sources that contains all the essential amino acids. The algae also has a high content of vitamins and minerals, such as B vitamins, vitamin C and vitamin E. Both vitamins E and C have antioxidant properties and protect the body's cells against oxidative stress. Among the minerals, you can find chromium, which helps regulate blood sugar levels, as well as iron, which contributes to reduced fatigue. In spirulina you will also find the omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA, which are needed for the heart and brain to function normally.

What does it mean when we say the product is EU-organic?

In organic food production, biodiversity, the conservation of natural resources, environmental practices and strict animal welfare are observed (1). In order for a product to be labeled as EU-organic, the label used within the EU, a product must meet strict conditions that apply to the entire production chain. The product must contain at least 95% organic ingredients, and in addition, the other 5% must meet other strict conditions (1).

In organic crop production, it is important to promote soil fertility and to allow for perennial crop rotation and a cycle of organic material. Therefore, fertilizers, compost and plant protection products should only be used if they comply with the principles and objectives of organic production. In general, the EU requires that an organic food must be produced without synthetically produced chemical pesticides and without artificial fertilizers. In organic production, genetic engineering is also prohibited. In addition, production should primarily rely on renewable resources (2).

Tip! Do you want to mix spirulina in your smoothie? Buy our powder Spirulina ECO!

Vegetarian Friendly
The symbol Vegetarian Friendly indicates that the product's content is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


1 & 2. EG. 2007. Rådets förordning (EG) nr 834/2007 om ekologisk produktion och märkning av ekologiska produkter och om upphävande av förordning (EEG) nr 2092/91. (Retrieved 2021-09-24)



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Chlorella Capsules ECO
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