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Make Your Own Beard Oil

To get a healthy, strong and shiny beard, it’s important to take care of it. With your own beard oil, you can also choose the ingredients yourself to create an oil that is well-suited to your beard.

Ingredients in the beard oil:
• 50 ml argan oil
• 50 ml hemp seed oil
• 5-10 drops of your choice of essential oil, preferably tea tree, lemongrass or cedar.
• Bottle with a pipette or spray nozzle.

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Proceed as follows:

  • Mix the base oils argan oil and hemp seed oil with each other.
  • Then add the essential oil drop by drop and mix thoroughly. The oil has a fairly strong scent, so start with 1-2 drops and increase the amount gradually.
  • If you suffer from an itchy beard, tea tree oil is a good choice of essential oil as it has a anti-bacterial and soothing effect on the skin. However, it has a fairly strong scent and you can therefore combine it with the milder lemongrass oil. For a calm, woody and masculine scent, cedar oil is an excellent choice.
  • If you would prefer your oil unscented, you can skip the essential oil.
  • Pour the oil into bottles and apply by massaging the oil into the beard and skin under the beard. Feel free to repeat daily for best results!

Two pictures of a person pouring oil and essential oil into a measuring glass.

A picture of oil in a measuring glass and a picture of essential oils and finished beard oil.

Tip! Do you want your beard to grow faster? Try replacing hemp seed oil with castor oil, which stimulates hair growth.

Here’s why you should use beard oil

A beard oil not only gives a nice shine to the beard, but also has several other benefits. Nourishing oils such as hemp seed oil and argan oil moisturize both the beard and the skin underneath so that you can avoid a dry and flaky beard. In addition, the beard looks full of life if it has received the right nutrition. The essential oils can also contribute to the well-being of the skin, such as the antibacterial tea-tree oil. If the skin feels good, the beard feels good! Of course, you choose which beard oil suits you, but by making your own beard oil, you know exactly what it contains and can adapt it to your needs.

If you’re dreaming of a full beard that flatters the face, beard oil can help with this too. A well-groomed beard tends to look fuller, and a tip is to supplement with mustache scissors or a trimmer. This why, you keep the edges neat and can trim down uneven parts that otherwise make the beard look thinner.

Make your beard grow faster

Are there any simple tricks to make your beard grow faster? Well, it depends. As we mentioned above, castor oil can be helpful, but there are also some other things you can do to optimize beard growth.

  • Clean your face properly. Wash with water and a facial cleanser morning and evening to keep dirt away from pores. This gives you fresher skin both under the beard and the rest of the face while avoiding bacterial buildup. Feel free to combine this with an exfoliator or scrub once a week to remove dead skin cells and stimulate beard growth.
  • Review your diet. Do you eat a variety of vitamins and minerals? These control processes in the body which in turn affect the well-being of the skin and hair. One such vitamin is B7, or biotin. The protein collagen is also important to absorb, as well as the mineral zinc.
  • Massage the face regularly. No advanced kind of massage is necessary, it is simply about speeding up the blood circulation, so small, circulating movements can go a long way. Of course, you also increase blood circulation during exercise, so exercise is also recommended.
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