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Relaxing Oil with Basil

Basil is not only great in food - it can also help relieve tension and headaches.

Basil oil with jojoba and peppermint. A body oil with just a few ingredients that you can easily mix together yourself.

Basil is a common ingredient as a seasoning in many recipes, but it also has fantastic properties for the body and mind. By using the oil as a room fragrance, you can relieve stress and nervousness. Headaches and muscle tension can also be reduced by massaging the oil around problem areas. Here you have a simple recipe for a relaxing basil oil.

You need:

Proceed as follows:

Mix basil oil and peppermint oil with jojoba oil. Pour into a bottle (or mix everything directly in the bottle for the jojoba oil). Massage the oil into stiff and sore muscles. For headaches, you can gently massage some oil into the temples.

Tip! Basil oil can also be combined with light floral scents such as jasmine or with heavier wood or herbal scents such as cinnamon and cedar. Choose your favourite!

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