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Complete Guide to Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails

Most of us long for beautiful hair and glowing skin, but very few of us are lucky enough to get it for free. During periods of stress and hormonal changes, you may sometimes need a little help to get your hair and skin back to a good quality. This guide will help you find the right supplements.

  • What do hair and skin consist of?
  • What supplements should I look for?

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What do hair and skin consist of?

We are covered in skin to protect our insides and to be able to regulate body temperature. The skin senses temperature changes, touch and pain to warn us of external threats. The skin also includes the hair and nails, as they all consist of a sulfur-containing protein. The skin, hair and nails, like all tissues, are held together by collagen, a powerful reinforcing protein that provides stability and resists stress. Elastin gives elasticity to the tissue and gives the skin its stretching ability.

Beautiful hair and skin.

Look after your skin, hair and nails from the inside out with nutritious supplements.

The primary task of hair is to provide the head protection from the sun, which can be seen in the fact that people with roots in different parts of the world have different hair types. The hair grows up to one centimeter per month, and even though we lose over 100 strands per day, we have around 100,000 intact. At some point in middle age, the hair follicles stop producing melanin which gives us our hair colour, gradually turning the hair grey.

What supplements should I look for?

Our hair and skin quality often reflects our physical and mental health. An unbalanced daily routine with a lot of stress and a poor diet or periods of hormonal changes can lead to irritated skin, broken nails and hair loss. Well-being on the inside often results in beauty on the outside. To get both healthy hair and strong nails, there is Collagen Skin & Nails with a high content of collagen type 1.

Collagen, is a protein that has grown increasingly popular in recent years. Collagen is an important component in bones, muscles, tendons, joints and all connective tissue and helps to provide structure and stability and keeps our skin firm, smooth and moisturized. One third of all protein in the body consists of collagen, and as much as 70% of our skin consists of this important protein.

Beauty inside and out.

Pantothenic acid, vitamin B5, is a well-known supplement for acne problems. While it has not yet been established that pantothenic acid actually helps, the theory is that the process of regulating fatty acids doesn’t work entirely without the presence of pantothenic acid, and the fatty acids are then transported via the sebaceous glands and cause acne. Many people who have tried a supplement can testify to an improvement, but it’s best to test it for yourself to find out if it works.

Zinc is a mineral that is found abundantly in hair, skin and nails. It is considered an antioxidant and counteracts the breakdown of cells. Zinc is an active component in nail and hair growth.

Silicon, which also goes by the name silica, is found in all connective tissue and promotes collagen and elastin formation. It also contributes to the skin's ability to bind water, which is a necessary to counteract dry skin.

Selenium is one of the antioxidants and helps prevent free radicals from breaking down our cells prematurely. Too little selenium in the body can result in poor quality hair, skin and nails.

Nice hands

Look for nutritious substances such as collagen and biotin in skin and hair products.

Beta-carotene is popular as a supplement at the beginning of spring before the summer sun. Beta-carotene acts as a precursor to vitamin A and is converted in the body when vitamin A is low. Beta-carotene can be stored under the skin where it may protect against dangerous sun rays as well as contribute to a tan glow to the skin.

MSM, i.e. methylsulfonylmethane, is a natural sulfur compound that occurs in the body's tissues, where it helps maintain hair and skin quality.

Lysine is an amino acid that is found in the body's collagen and elastin. More studies are needed to ensure that a supplement can contribute to hair and skin quality, but many who try a lysine supplement experience an improvement.

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Biotin, or vitamin B7, contributes to normal hair growth and often appears as a component in hair products. Biotin is also called vitamin H, because low biotin levels can adversely affect hair and skin.

Copper is an antioxidant that contributes to the hair's natural pigmentation. Therefore, it often appears in products to prevent greying hair.

If you are hoping to...Try...
Reduce acne problemsPantothenic acid
Get tanned for the summerBeta Carotene
Counteract cold soresZinc, lysine
Avoid greying hairCopper
Improve your hair qualitySelenium, biotin, MSM, Wonderful hair
Improve skin and nails.Silica, pantothenic acid, Collagen Skin & Nails
Keep the skin firm, smooth and moisturizedCollagen
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